Now that you’ve created a set of personal values, how do you go about implementing them? In the lecture series Moral Decision Making, Clancy Martin, Ph.D. considers various moral challenges in the context of twenty-four, thirty minute video lectures. Offered for purchase by The Great Courses, this lecture series can also be rented from various libraries. Topics considered include:

Why be good?

Is it ever permissible to lie?

Aren’t whistle-blowers being disloyal?

What’s wrong with gossip?

Do I have an obligation to be healthy?

Can I sneak a grape or two while shopping?

Is it wrong to make as much money as I can?

What are my obligations to the poor?

Can we do better than the Golden Rule?

Why can’t I just live for pleasure?

Why can’t I date a married person?

Are jealousy and resentment always wrong?

What are the rules for respecting privacy?

What do I owe my aging parents?

Should I help a suffering loved one die?

Is genetic enhancement “playing God”?

Is conscientious objection a moral right?

Is it always wrong to fight back?

Should the death penalty be abolished?

Is torture ever acceptable?

Do animals have rights?

Why should I recycle?

Does it matter where I shop?

What would Socrates do?

Quite a bit to consider, don’t you think?!


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