I have to admit, I’m not that coordinated and take a little extra time to develop a motor skills set. For those of you who also need some extra help mastering tai chi, I recommend Mastering Tai Chi by David-Dorian Ross, B.A., International Master Tai Chi Instructor. Mr. Ross developed this twenty-four thirty minute lecture series in conjunction with The Great Courses. In this series he covers the following:

The path toward mastery

Harmony is the ultimate goal

Walking like a cat

Mind over muscles

Taming the monkey mind

The bow and arrow

Practicing in a small space

Hips and waist: the center is the commander

Feet: separate empty from full

Shoulders: finding reasons to let go

Inside reflects the outside

Chest, posture, and the natural curve

Bring out your flow

Transitions as smooth as silk

Legs to arms: connecting upper and lower

A movable meditation

Bouncing away conflict

The peaceful warrior

Qigong breathing

Partners: the whole body is the hand

Five stages of mastery

Lotus kick and laughing buddha

Conserve your energy

Another river to cross

Again, this lecture series can be purchased through The Great Courses or rented from various libraries.

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