Do I have to have brain damage or a medical condition to see Dr. Emick? No! While Dr. Emick’s training and experience extends beyond that of a general psychologist or counselor, she still sees many patients who do not have brain damage or a serious medical condition.

Why can’t I schedule an appointment online? Dr. Emick carefully chooses her patients to ensure that she is the best provider for their needs. Please request an appointment online or call the office so that she can determine whether she is a good fit for you.

Why doesn’t Dr. Emick work on certain days of the week? Dr. Emick does work Monday through Friday, but she may not be able to schedule an appointment with you on the day and at the time you desire as she must also make time for charting, report writing, consultation with other healthcare providers and participation in professional activities.

Are early morning appointments available? Dr. Emick schedules appointments as early as 7:00 AM.

Are evening appointments available? Except under extenuating circumstances, Dr. Emick does not see patients after 6:00 PM.

Are weekend appointments available? No

Can Dr. Emick evaluate children? Yes, but she has chosen to limit her practice to adults.

Does Dr. Emick speak Spanish? ¡No!

Does Dr. Emick offer telemedicine? Dr. Emick has been granted authority to practice interjurisdictional telepsychology by the Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards. Her Authority to Practice Interjurisdictional Telepsychology mobility number is 6072. For information on how to verify a mobility number, please call (888) 201-6360 or click here. Dr. Emick’s competence to provide telehealth services has been certified by the National Register of Health Service Psychologists and The Trust. She offers telehealth appointments on a case-by-case basis as appropriate, and in keeping with insurance plan limitations.

What telemedicine platform does Dr. Emick use?

Is Dr. Emick a Christian? Dr. Emick is trained to treat a wide variety of patients. Her choice to accept a patient is based upon whether she feels that she can provide treatment that will be beneficial to that patient, not whether she shares a religious, ethnic or cultural background or sexual orientation with them. If you feel that you must be treated by a healthcare provider who shares your religious background and philosophies, we recommend that you contact your place of worship for referral to such a provider.

How old is Dr. Emick? Dr. Emick is a card carrying member of Generation X.

What insurance plans does Dr. Emick accept? Dr. Emick accepts most major insurance plans, with the exception of Medicaid, Tricare, ChampVA, managed Medicare plans, and HMOs. Prior to your appointment, staff will verify your benefits and eligibility to ensure that Dr. Emick is an in-network provider for your plan and that the treatment procedures for which you were referred or that you have requested are covered under your plan.

Does Dr. Emick offer income-based sliding scale fee plans? No

Does Dr. Emick offer payment plans? No

What is Dr. Emick’s NPI number? 1063596005

Can Dr. Emick write prescriptions? Current Texas law does not allow licensed psychologists to write prescriptions even if, like Dr. Emick, they have received formal training in psychopharmacology. However, Dr. Emick is happy to coordinate your care with your physician.

How do I request records? Fully complete this form and mail or fax it to the office. Once the completed form has been received and it is determined that the requested information exists and can be released, your records will be released within fifteen days. Authorization to Release or Exchange Information

 Is Dr. Emick available for speaking engagements? Yes

Does Dr. Emick have a CV? Here is Dr. Emick’s abbreviated CV. If, after reading it, you feel you need additional information, please call the office.Dr. Emick’s abbreviated CV

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