One of the many reasons why people fail in their attempts to permanently change their behavior is their approach to setting goals for themselves. Why does the new year always signify the need to lose weight and get in shape? Granted, losing weight and getting in shape are goals that readily come to mind but, are you really invested in these goals? If not, you’re not likely to succeed. Although necessary for overall health, being fit and beautiful in and of itself does not bring happiness. Hollywood is a testament to that.

If you read the studies about typical Americans, we:

  • Spend too much time watching television
  • Are overly concerned with social media
  • Are dissatisfied with our social interactions and relationships
  • Are dissatisfied with our jobs
  • Feel disconnected and lacking purpose
  • Have left organized religion but in search of something spiritual
  • Are overweight
  • Are out of shape

And the list goes on…….But, that means that we have lots of opportunity for growth and change! Before you set a goal for yourself, take some time to reflect upon where your head and heart truly are. Perhaps you were once very creative, or played a musical instrument that brought you joy. Maybe this is the year to rediscover those passions. Perhaps you feel the need to reconnect with nature, or develop a stronger social support group, or delve more deeply into your spirituality. Follow your heart and your head when choosing your goals. Maybe you won’t get that beach body this year but, as you make changes in one aspect of your life, changes in other areas of your life will naturally occur as well. Call it creating emotional stability, balancing your chakras, connecting with your supreme being, or just plain getting your poop in a group, whatever your philosophy, you will begin to rebalance.

Suggested reading: The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom, a Toltec Wisdom Book by don Miguel Ruiz (I have no idea if the thoughts presented in this book are truly rooted in Toltec tradition, but they’re worth considering nonetheless). Fast reader? The author also wrote The Fifth Agreement: A Practical Guide to Self-Mastery.

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