As the pandemic continues, it is all the more important to engage in self-care. Many of my patients want to eat healthier, but simply never learned to cook. They’ve looked at available cookbooks, but aren’t ready to dive into cooking because they don’t understand the basic concepts, such as braising or poaching. Even with the cookbooks that include pictures of each step, they’re still unsure. Cooking classes aren’t offered on a continuous basis in Denton. So, what to do? I’ve got you covered (actually, the Culinary Institute of America does).  They offer several cooking video lecture series. I would start with The Everyday Gourmet: Rediscovering the Lost Art of Cooking, which is available for purchase through from Amazon or The Great Courses. You can also rent it from various libraries. Your library doesn’t have it? No problem. The Austin Public Library offers an eCard to non-residents, which allows access to their virtual library, for $22.00 per year.

The series consists of twenty-four videos that are each thirty minutes in length. They’re well presented and not overly complicated. In this series, Chef Bill Briwa walks you through the basics including:

Cooking—ingredients, technique, and flavor

Your most essential tool—knives

More essential tools—from pots to shears

Sauté—dry-heat cooking with fat

Roasting—dry-heat cooking without fat

Frying—dry-heat cooking with fat

From poach to steam—moist-heat cooking

Braising and stewing—combination cooking

Grilling and broiling—dry-heat cooking without fat

Stocks and broths—the foundation

The stir-fry dance—dry-heat cooking with fat

Herbs and spices—flavor on demand

Sauces—from beurre blanc to béchamel

Grains and legumes—cooking for great flavor

Salads from the cold kitchen

Eggs—from the classic to the contemporary

Soups from around the world

From fettuccine to orecchiette—fresh and dry pastas

Meat—from spatchcocked chicken to brined pork chops

Seafood—from market to plate

Vegetables in glorious variety

A few great desserts for grown-ups

Thirst—the new frontier of flavor

Crafting a meal, engaging the senses


It can’t get much more comprehensive than this!

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