Now that you’ve mastered basic cooking techniques and are more familiar with spices, let’s move on to grilling. If you grew up in America, you’re probably used to the old charcoal or gas grill in the backyard, typically with hamburgers, bratwurst or steak cooking on it. But there’s so much more to grilling! There are so many other foods that grill well, other techniques to learn, different kinds of woods to use…. Again, we turn to The Great Courses. In The Everyday Gourmet: The Art of Grilling, Chefs Bill Briwa and Patrick Clark cover the following topics:

The art of grilling

Grilling vegetable starters and salads

Flatbreads and pizza


Mediterranean-style grilling


Latin American-style grilling

Lamb and beef

Asian-Style grilling

Grilling veggie savories and sides

The American tradition of barbecue

Grilling for a group

The series consists of twelve, thirty minute videos and can be purchased through Amazon or the Great Courses, or rented from various libraries.


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