In addition to being emotionally stressful, the holidays can be financially taxing as well. Before you begin shopping, take time to mindfully consider the gift giving experience. Need some assistance? Cait Flanders, author of The Joy of Less, published a newsletter in 2018 that included the article, 20 Questions to Spark Conversations About Being a Mindful Consumer During the Holidays. In that article she poses several, very relevant, questions to consider about your current gift giving assumptions and habits:

What role do gifts play in your current holiday traditions? Is there anything you want to change about that this year?

What are the stories you have told yourself about why you should buy X many gifts or spend Y amount of money on gifts? Are those stories still true for you today? Which ones do you want to rewrite?

How do you feel about money right now? How do you want to feel about money at the end of this holiday season?

How do you feel about your health right now? How do you want to feel about it at the end of this holiday season?

What could you/we physically live without during the holidays?

What do you want to consume less of during the holidays — and in the upcoming year?

What do you want giving to look like during the holidays — and all year?

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